Sunday, March 4, 2012

The #winelover-s group explained by the Master (of Wine) himself...

The #WINELOVER-s group explained by the Master (of Wine) himself...
Thank you Luiz! You have such a wonderful way of bringing people together.

One question that you asked me to touch upon is how #winelover will differ from your other group, My Wine Studies. I can only answer for myself. On the My Wine Studies group, I will post very specific information about Luiz's studies in the Master of Wine program. We'll do this in a way to inform and educate. We'll also d
o it in a way so others can contribute insight, expertise and experience to topics such as blind tasting, viticulture, wine making, quality control and the business of wine. This group, #winelover, will celebrate wine and a certain lifestyle that involves food, travel, discovery, knowledge and friends.

I didn't mention love, did I? It's all about the love of wine and the many things associated with wine. And Luiz, being Luiz, loved by many in the world of wine, realized that Valentine's Day would be THE perfect day for the launch.

So, what about love and wine? I had tweeted about Valentine's Day being all about what you put in your loved one's glass. On most days, though this day in particular, much of the pleasure one derives from wine is that of making others happy. It's about knowing what your lover, your friends and your companions love about wine. It's about selecting wine(s) that please them. It's about seeing a look of sheer delight when they put the glass up to their lips and take a delicious sip. It's about making them feel special. Ultimately, wine is an experience. What is in the glass and with whom you share it create that experience.

There's another aspect to wine on Valentine's Day - seduction. Since ancient Roman times, and before, wine has been used for romance, seduction and love. Champagne has been a wine of celebration and a wine for romance, be it a wedding or a dalliance. Silky pinot noir, smooth white burgundy or a mature claret can cut right to the heart and beyond. For the right person, nothing says "I love you" like a gewurtztraminer brimming with roses and lychees. It is all about knowing one's audience. By the way, the ancient Romans found that scented, sweet white wines worked best for the amorous arts!



Patrick Farrell, MD, MW, #WL

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