Monday, April 23, 2012

Portuguese grape variety of the day: Alvarinho

Grape variety: Alvarinho
Color: White
Originally from: Minho
Concentration of Anthocianins: High
Budding: Mid season
Length of the bunches: Short
Compactness (clusters): Medium
Size of the cluster: Small
Alcohol potential: High
Total acidity: High
Very susceptible to: Esca and hydric stress
Best soils: Granite
Production: Low
Certified clones: 44 ISA, 45 ISA, 46 ISA and 47 ISA; 42JBP and 43 JBP
Regions in Portugal where it is most planted: Minho (Monção e Melgaço)

An old grape variety of exceptional quality, deservedly famed for the varietal wines it produces in the Vinho Verde region, specifically in the two sub-regions of Monção and Melgaço. Alvarinho has a highly characteristic floral and fruity profile with notes of lime tree, balm mint, honeysuckle, peach, grapefruit and apple, all well-married with the high acidity typical of crisp white wines from north-west Portugal. The grapes yield balanced wines with good structure and alcohol levels. Alvarinho’s qualities are being “exported” to more southern wine regions such as the Setubal Peninsula and Estremadura.

Source: "Castas de Portugal Volume 1"


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