Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Gift from Santa....Robinia Vendemmia Tardiva 2008 Pinot Noir by Philip S. Kampe

Last night was the long awaited, yearly Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting event, which my wife and I attend yearly, thanks to our gracious host, Mr. Eugenio Magnani, North American Director of the Italian Government Tourism Board and his dedicated staff.
The evening is always bittersweet as the theme centers around 'Stories and memories, many childhood, about Italy'.
Wines are served, this year hosted by Domodimonti Winery of Le Marche and the generosity of Brand Manager, Marco Scapanini.
The amazing food was served from Tony May's 'World-renowned restaurant SD26'.
Holiday songs were sung and the positive spirit of the evening was contagious.
                                  Mr. Matteo Setti entertained us with his fabulous voice.

As a wine journalist, especially at Holiday time, many wine tasting opportunities exist at unusual hours of the evening. As in the case of last evening, Alessandro Boga from Colangelo PR invited me to attend a 'Veneto Wine Tasting' with top sommeliers from various New York city restaurants.
The event was scheduled from 10pm to midnight.
All the attendees were asked to bring a 'Favorite Bottle of Wine from Veneto'.
As fate would have it, Sam Remic, owner of Wide World Wine, Inc.,, was a guest and donated a case of wine for the evenings tree lighting festivities, from, guess where?
Yes,Veneto is the right answer.
Sam explained that it was a Pinot Noir from Piave, Veneto.
Since I did not bring a wine from Veneto with me for the sommelier event, I asked Sam if he could open a bottle for me to try. He accommodated my wishes and poured a 2008 Antica Robinia Vendemmia Tardiva Pinot Noir (that's a mouthful).
I sampled one of the most amazing Pinot Noirs I have ever tasted in my life. The aromatic barnyard odor only added to the bold, concentrated Bordeaux type blend profile of this full-bodied, ripe, tannic wine. It was a wine that was sure to win the hearts of the sommeliers at their Veneto competition last night.
Unfortunately, I did not make the 'Veneto Wine Showdown' last night, in time.
So we will never know if this wine would have won.
To me,it is a true Winner and my 'Favorite Wine from Veneto'.

Look or ask your local wine shop for the 2008 Robina Vendemmia Tardiva Pinot Noir ($28) that is distributed by Wine World Wine, Inc. (845-255-1956)
It will be Santa's gift for you.

Philip S. Kampe
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