Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NINE DAYS of SPARKLING WINES to Celebrate the Holiday Season by Philip S. Kampe

There are only NINE days left until 2014.
What we do in our house, as Tradition, is to Celebrate the NINE days until New Year's Day with
NINE different Sparkling Wines....

One Sparkler for each day!
And we don't like to spend a fortune on this Tradition, so, we stay away from Champagne and indulge in Prosecco's, Cava's and Cremants.

As you know, the Prosecco market has grown into its own market during the past several years. It seems like EVERYONE in the World drinks Prosecco, Italy's answer to 'Bubbles'.
There are many reasons...the first, of course is bubbles...then palate taste...and, naturally the low price point.

CREMANT, from France, is made like Champagne, but, because it is from a different region in France and cannot be classified as'Champagne', the price is significantly less.
CREMANT is not on most people's radar, yet, but will be in the near future.

And then there is CAVA, Spain's answer to Champagne, in flavor, but not in price.
Each day, our household opens one bottle of the 'Bubbly' to Celebrate life...

These are our Favorites:
                                                      Day 1 December 24th
                    LUCIEN ALBRECHT BRUT 'Cremant' from Alsace, France ($15)
                                                        Day 2 Christmas
                                LUCIEN ALBRECHT 'ROSE' from Alsace, France ($15)

                                                         Day 3  December 26th
                  CAVA PAUL CHENEAU 'BRUT ROSE' from Penedes, Spain ($12)

                                                        Day 4  December 27th
             CAVA PAUL CHENEAU 'RESERVA BRUT from Penedes, Spain ($12)

                                                       Day 5  December 28th
                          CAVA PAUL CHENEAU 'BRUT' from Penedes, Spain  ($10)

                                                      Day 6  December 29th

           GIRO RIBOT PAUL CHENEAU 'LADY OF SPAIN' BRUT from Penedes, Apain ( $9)

                                                       Day 7  December 30th
                               VALDO PROSECCO BRUT from Valdobbiadene, Italy ($10)

                                                      Day 8  New Years Eve
 ORO PURO PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG BRUT from Valdobbiadene, Italy ($15)

                                                           Day 9  New Years Day
                                      VILLA SANDI PROSECCO from Veneto, Italy  ($14)

Philip S. Kampe


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