Friday, November 4, 2016

PM Spirits--'Provider of Geeky Spirits' by Philip S. Kampe

I met Nicolas Palazzi several years ago, when he was just beginning to learn the 'Geeky Spirits' trade. Since his early wanderings to today-fast forward-Nicolas and PM Spirits has made a name for themselves, like none other.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to sample a majority of his New York Portfolio and found each taste, unique, on the cutting edge and inventive. Nicolas has an uncanny curiosity that seeks out the talents found in each bottle. If you chat with Mr. Palazzi, he is quick to add a story to each of the bottles he imports and distributes.

Last year I attended a tasting at his warehouse in Brooklyn and left, emotionally spent. I have waited a year, give or take to retry the 'Geeky Spirits' that make this company come alive.

There are many favorites that come to mind....
2014 Navazos Palazzi Single Oloroso Cask Rum    1500 bottles produced
VAGO Mezcal  Aquilino Garcia Lopez
1964 Chateau de Leberon Single Cask Tenareze Armagnac  120 liters produced
Laurent Cazottes-Poire Williams Eau-de-Vie

Attached are photos from the tasting.
PM Spirits can be contacted at:  or call Leonardo Comercio at: (347) 743 8713


Philip S. Kampe

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