Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#Winelover--Do You Need a Wine Friendly Lounge When You Have A Long Layover? by Philip S. Kampe

(You haven't heard from me for awhile, as I (we) took a three week 'true vacation' throughout Italy-all non-wine related-this is what I learned on Day 1)

I'm not one for airports, but, with a six hour layover at London's Gatwick airport and an untimely message from a colleague, who said, unfortunately, I can't meet you at the airport, as was planned months earlier-I realized that I was in a dilemma.

I decided to rely on the airport Lounge, as if it were my date for the afternoon.

In my past working life, I was a true 'Airport Lounge Lover' and frequented airport lounges around the world.

Those days are far gone.

Now, its me and the world and my unconventional journalistic skills.

Opting for a Lounge at Gatwick South, I chose the No 1 Lounge versus the stiff competition. My choice was for obvious reasons. It was close to my departure gate, the cost for using the lounge was $35, which enabled me to three hours of pleasure-drinks (wine,beer and alcohol), hot and cold food, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, fresh fruit, a choice of newspapers in English, magazines, free WIFI, a television, a reading room, the use of a computer and best of all, waiter service.

All I had to d is show up.

After I entered the lounge, I canvassed the facility and found a perfect table, equipped with outlets for my iPad and iPhone.

The table was close to the bar, so, naturally, I made my way to the bar and questioned the bartender as to what wines did they carry. He rattled off a list to me that included, Real Rubio Rioja, La Serre du Haut (red), Lucello Pinot Grigio, Rivertone Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon Rose and Tariquet Classic White. 

My wine expectations were met.
The waiter stopped by, asked me what I would like to order-so, I gave him a drink order, which consisted of Pimm's and Lemonade, the 'classic British drink' and asked what he would suggest for food. He said why try the Mac n' Cheese and a Root salad.

I agreed and quickly ran to the snack table and filled several bowls full of nuts and olives.

The party had just begun.

I was eating a wholesome meal, drinking great libations, all in the comfort of what seemed to be a 'Private Club,'

It doesn't take much more then 'Hospitality' to win over the weary traveler and the No ! Lounge has won my allegiance.

Where: Gatwick South (London) Heathrow, Birmingham and Edinburgh

Price: $35

Hours: 4am-10pm


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