Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adegga Wine Market 2011 #AWM2011

Picture by Ricardo Bernardo

My first Adegga Wine Market was one of the most entertaining events I attended in 2011 and, if you have been following where I have been and what I have done this year, you know that it says a lot! A very pleasant afternoon/evening of wine lovers interacting with winemakers (some of the best in Portugal were there) and enjoying an array of wines from the most important wine regions of the country. Besides that, it was wonderful to get to see the faces and chat with so many people that I only knew from social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, foursquare, etc). Too many names here to mention...

I hope Jim Budd will not have a problem with my posting. I will explain: Andre Ribeirinho - CEO and founder of Adegga.com - let me attend the AWM2011 without paying the 7.50 euros that the other 850 guests were charged to taste the wines from 35 Portuguese producers. Even worse (or better?) I had free access to the "Premium Room" where some amazing wines were poured (the price to have access to some precious rarities - including a Ferreira Vintage Port 1863 - was 20 Euros).

Jokes aside, Andre requested Onne Wann (picture), Caroline Henry, Roger Kobu, and myself  - "The International Crew" of the event - to share our 10 best wines of the tasting. Unfortunately, I failed him miserably by not being able to taste all the wines... so I simply can't share "the best wines of the day", but rather, my favorite ones in an universe of approximately 40% of the total number of wines that were present.

Here they are... Eleven favorites in no specific order of preference: one sparkling, five whites, and five reds. As you can see, I haven't included any fortified wines. If I did, I would probably have only a list of Ports to suggest... or, a much more extensive list! :)

Quinta dos Carvalhais Espumante Reserva Rosé 2006 (sparkling)
Winery: Sogrape   |   Region: Dão, Portugal
Grape varieties: Encruzado  |  Touriga Nacional
Quinta Dos Carvalhais Encruzado 2010 (white)
Winery Sogrape   |   Region: Dão, Portugal
Grape variety: Encruzado

Vadio 2010 (white)
Winery Vadio   |   Region: Bairrada, Portugal
Grape variety: Cercial  |  Bical De Bairrada 
Torre De Tavares 2006 (white)
Winery: Joao Tavares de Pina   |   Region: Dão, Portugal
Grape variety: Encruzado
Quinta de Sanjoanne Escolha 2000 (white)
Winery: Casa de Cello   |   Region: Minho, Portugal
Grape varieties: Avesso  |  Alvarinho  |  Chardonnay
MARKA 2010 (white)
Winery: MARKA   |   Region: Douro, Portugal
Grape varieties: Gouveio  |  Viosinho  |  Moscatel Galego Branco
Cortes De Cima Reserva 2008 (red)
Winery: Cortes de Cima   |   Region: Alentejo, Portugal
Grape varieties: Aragonez  |  Touriga Nacional  |  Syrah  |  Petit Verdot
Quinta do Mouro Rótulo Dourado 2007 (red)
Winery: Quinta do Mouro   |   Region: Alentejo, Portugal
Grape varieties: Alicante Bouschet  |  Aragonez  |  Touriga Nacional  |  Cabernet Sauvignon
Pôpa TR 2008 (red)
Winery: Quinta do Pôpa   |   Region: Douro, Portugal
Grape variety: Tinta Roriz
Raya 2008 (red)
Winery: Horta de Gonçalpares Soc. Agrícola Lda.   |   Region: Beiras, Portugal
Grape varieties: Touriga Nacional  |  Touriga Franca  |  Tinta Roriz
Cavalo Maluco 2008 (red)
Winery: Herdade do Portocarro   |   Region: Terras do Sado, Portugal
Grape varieties: Touriga Franca  |  Touriga Nacional  |  Petit Verdot
As I said, I didn't get even close to tasting all the wines... My apologies to the wineries that were there and that I didn't have the opportunity to taste the wines. I have already told Andre that I would love to see this event happening in 2 days next year. Are you listening my dear friend? :)

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