Wednesday, December 14, 2011

January 27 will be #PortDay

The Center for Wine Origins <>  is proud to announce that January 27 will be #PortDay. This inaugural social media event encourages the celebration of this truly unique wine that only comes from Portugal. What’s more, it is all made possible by YOU!

The amazing Douro Valley in Portugal

How can you participate? You and your readers can join #PortDay online by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing your thoughts about this exceptional wine by using the #PortDay hashtag. Or, you can host or join an online or offline tasting event at one of the numerous retail and restaurant tastings that are being planned in locations across the United States. To stay up-to-date on the most current news regarding Port Day or to register an event, visit <> .

As part of this celebration, the Center is hosting a contest to encourage U.S. consumers to photograph their favorite authentic Port wines. To enter the contest to win an iPad 2, contest entrants should send a picture of an authentic Port label to with the subject line as “Port Day 2012 Photo Contest Entry” or post the picture to your Facebook profile and tag yourself and the Center for Wine Origins <>  in the picture. One Grand Prize winner will be selected randomly on January 25 and receive an iPad 2. Complete contest rules are available at

There are many quality fortified and dessert wines, but true Port only comes from the Port appellation in Portugal, one of the world’s oldest regulated and demarcated wine regions. Unfortunately, today the Port name is misused on wine bottles across the world and particularly in the United States. Wines produced not from the grapes grown in the Douro Valley are misleading consumers to believe it is Port by improperly putting the name on its label. When shopping for Port and entering the contest, make sure to look for the seal of the approval <>  and confirm that the wine comes from Portugal.

The Center is here to help. So, if you have a #PortDay event idea and need resources, please ask by tweeting at us @WineOrigins <!/WineOrigins>  or sending us an email at


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