Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"FATTORI WINES ROCK" by Philip S. Kampe

The FATTORI family from Terrossa di Ronca, a town in the SOAVE region has been producing wine for three generations. The winery is located at the mouth of the ALPONE VALLEY in northeast Italy.

Located on 75 acres, the FATTORI family produces a variety of wines that include the grapes: GARGANEGA, PINOT GRIGIO and SAUVIGNON BLANC.

The goal of the vineyard is to produce wines that are FRESH and FRUITY with BALANCED ACIDITY and GOOD BODY.

The vines face southeast at an altitude of 700 feet. The soil is volcanic in origin and is mixed with rocks and Terra Rossa (red clay). The clay helps maintain the humidity, even in the summer months, when rain is scarce.

ANTONIO FATTORI has been the winemaker since 1970. His love for TRADITION and VIBRANT wines shows well in all of his wines.

The SOAVE CLASSICO RUNCARIS 2010 has an intense greenish yellow color with aromas of peach and pear. On the palate, apple and almond dominate this crisp, well balanced wine. The GARGANEGA grape in this wine is both pleasing and agreeable.

SOAVE CLASSICO DANIELI 2010 is a white wine made with the GARGANEGA grape. Straw in color, this DOC wine has intense odors of pineapple and pear. The palate explodes with hints of plum, almond and peach.

RONCHA 2010 is a wonderful wine made with 45% GARGANEGA, 30% PINOT GRIGIO, 15% SAUVIGNON BLANC and 10% DURELLA. At 13% alcohol, this terrific blend opens your palate with flavors of plum, pineapple and pear. RONCHA 2010 is elegant and well balanced. Aging takes place in both casks and steel tanks.

AUVIGNON VECCHIE SCUOLE 2010 is made from 100% SAUVIGNON BLANC. Green-yellow in color, this outstanding wine reveals intense flavors of pear and elderberry. Balanced and Full-bodied, this special wine makes your palate dance with flavor.

FATTORI WINES are readily available, REASONABLE in price and HIGH in QUALITY.



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Anonymous said...

These wines are all solid and fairly priced.

Anonymous said...

FATTORI makes great white wines for seafood.

Anonymous said...

The 2010 RONCHA is a great wine.

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