Friday, August 5, 2011


Our host - Roy Hersh
On July 30th FTLOP - For The Love of Port - celebrated its 6th birthday... and to commemorate the date we had an incredible selection of Ports (and a couple of Madeiras) to taste. It was a day-evening that is not going to be be forgotten...

The wines were decanted for several wines prior to being served.

Men at work: Glenn and Stewart pouring some Ports. Elaine keeps an eye on them...




We started the evening with some vintage Ports
  1. Croft 1950
  2. Dow 1966
  3. Fonseca 1966
  4. Taylor 1966
  5. Graham 1970
And then we tasted some Colheitas
  1. Fernandes Costa & Cia Colheita 1924
  2. Warre's Reserve Tawny 1937 (bottled1997)
  3. Kopke Colheita 1951 (bottled 2010)
  4. Dalva 1952 (bottled 2008)
  5. Royal Oporto 1953 (bottled 2006)
  6. Kopke 1957 (bottled 2007)
  7. Krohn 1960 (bottled 2006)
  8. Kopke 1964 (bottled 2004)
The bottle of Colheita I brought with the two Madeiras

Do you like what you see? Yes, they were amazing to all senses!

We even had a beautiful (and delicious) cake prepared by Chef Melanie Renk

Our group (from left to right): Sandy Becker - Ruth Becker - Vic Wertz - Andy Velebil - Lisa Stevens - Melanie Renk - Glenn Elliott - Stewart Todd - Roy Hersh - Elaine Grenier - Dorene Hersh - Thamis Mendez - Luiz A. G. Alberto

Everybody had their tasting notes and, most of us, had scores for the wines as well. Here is what I had to say about the Krohn 1960 (which I scored 98 points!!!): "The greatest wines are the ones you can't write notes about because you're weeping, overcome with their loveliness." Terry Theise

This is just a teaser... I'm honored to have been invited to this great event. Even more so because Roy was kind enough to let me taste the wines! (in case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I have been invited in the past to just watch a tasting...). Anyway, the real thing is going to be posted on the FTLOP website at the beginning of September. 
Stay tuned!

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