Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Philosophically speaking... Jonathan Nossiter in his book "Liquid Memory - Why Wine Matters".

Some things that I wish I had said myself. Or not... but they have been said by Jonathan Nossiter in his book "Liquid Memory - Why Wine Matters".
  • "Terroir is an act of generosity"
  • "The defining characteristic of taste is the coherent relation of that preference to one's own conduct, to an ethical relation to oneself and to the world"
  • "A wine of terroir is by nature, an ultimately indefinable, unquantifiable agent of memory. This is a curse for relentless rationalists, unrepentant pragmatists, and all the busy codifiers of this world, anxious for absolutes. And a blessing for the rest of us"
  • "Wine is memory in its most liquid and dynamic form" - I can only dream of coming up with such a brilliant thing to say!
  • "The expression of taste is an expression of freedom. The moment you abdicate responsibility for your own taste is the moment you voluntarily abdicate your freedom. When you rely on others to largely determine your tastes, you are undermining your own liberty"
  • "The choice of wines is like a choice of friends; it instantly reveals character and taste"
  • "From the beginning to the end of the winemaking and wine-selling cycle, there has to be trust"
  • "Acidity is to wine what light is to a film. It's the critical element that gives life to an image, that animates a person"
  • "Wine is a vector of exchange between human beings" - Totally true for me... You?
  • "To assign numbers to a wine, given that a wine is fully living and infinitely mutable, is almost as repugnant to me as assigning numerical worth to humans" - Oops...
  • "Pleasure is only the threshold of emotion. These days, we base everything on the gustatory, on an analysis of what our palates can perceive. But emotion doesn't occur because of explanations"
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