Sunday, August 21, 2011

PURITY VODKA may be the "WORLD'S BEST VODKA"" by Philip S. Kampe

VODKA production in SWEDEN dates back to the 15th century. Interestingly, the origin of Vodka comes from Sweden's GUNPOWDER industry, where high-proof spirits were used as a component of black powder for muskets. When the government granted licenses to distilleries for production of Vodka and Aquavit, it was understood that gunpowder makers had first priority over beverage consumers.

The SWEDES love Vodka and in 1830 over 175,000 registered stills existed in a country of less than THREE million population.

As you can see, historically VODKA is TRADITION in Sweden. Today it is one of image and style.

Recently, I had the opportunity, thanks to ALEXANDRA MOTTE, to taste the new 'BUZZ' word in Vodka, PURITY Vodka. A Special PURITY Night at the Bar was arranged at Charlie Palmers' AUREOLE Restaurant, near Times Square, for invited guests to sample drinks made with PURITY Vodka.

A little history regarding PURITY Vodka:
+ Distilled at ELLINGE Castle in southern Sweden
+ Thomas Kuuttanen is PURITYS Master Blender and Visionary. He has worked over a decade to develop and refine his recipe
+ PURITY is made from Estate-grown wheat and barley
+ ELLINGE Castle mineral-rich artisanal spring well water is the only water used to blend PURITY
+ The fermented mash is distilled in a proprietary still that is made of copper and gold
+ The proprietary still can only make 158 gallons per batch
+ 34 distillations take place of which 90% of the ditillate is disgarded
+ The remaining 10% constitutes the 'perfect cut' of the distillation
+ When the Vodka leaves the still it is so 'PURE' that is doesn't need to be filtered, leaving all the natural flavors and character in the vodka
+ Prior to bottling, the vodka is reduced to 80 proof with a blend of 70% deionised water, 30% natural artisanal water and blended with tailor made organic column spirits made from the finest wheat
+ PURITY won a GOLD MEDAL at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Three Gold medals in Cannes

Master blender THOMAS KUUTTANEN goal is to create a Vodka that is like no others in the world, a vodka that is smooth, full-of-character and is full-bodied.

What I found was a Vodka that 'WAS LIKE NO OTHER', the true intention of Thomas Kuuttanen. The result is a vodka that is stunningly elegant, full of character with rich deep notes and finesse. PURITY is so smooth that the word fiery never enters the palate. Clean, lemony aromas abound followed by a palate full of anise, chocolate, vanilla and malt.

PURITY is classified as an ULTRA-PREMIUM vodka. Made in small batches, as mentioned earlier, PURITY's direction is only to the TOP.

At $39.99 a 750ml bottle, PURITY is a TRUE STEAL!


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