Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Philosophically speaking... Matt Kramer in his book "Making Sense of Wine".

Some things that I wish I had said myself. Or not... but they have been said by Matt Kramer in his book "Making Sense of Wine".
  • "A Connoisseur is one who can distinguish between what he or she likes, and what is good. The two are by no means always the same" - Still some people (even wine judges on occasion) believe they are...
  • "When people are free to choose between a simple visual image and a more complex one, they gravitate to the complex"
  • "Wine tasters in America can talk more like winemakers than connoisseurs. The technology of winemaking has become, for many aficionados, more important than the results from it" - I have to fight really hard to not fall in this trap myself...
  • "Wines, like children, don't always turn out as fine as one hopes - or as bad as one fears"
  • "As in a rain forest or a coral reef, what makes wine so fascinating is its variety"
  • "Wine exists for food. Without the context of food, wine is a eunuch, a sterile experience which soon acquires distorted features" - This is for me one of the most important things in wine. Unfortunately, people don't give enough attention to this fact and wines are judged/rated as if they were to be appreciated by themselves.
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