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The Center for Wine Origins will sponsor the inaugural #PortDay on January 27th 2012 -- across the world!
 From the Center for Wine Origins This virtual event creates a unique opportunity to promote and celebrate authentic Port wines and raise awareness among consumers, sommeliers, chefs and retail stores about the Port region and name protection efforts. As you know, the Port name is misused on wine bottles across the world, particularly in the United States. It is not uncommon to find a Port from the U.S. next to a wine from the Douro Valley. The Center for Wine Origins works to educate consumers about authentic wines and the characteristics that make them unique. Leading up to #PortDay the Center is working to raise activity on social media networks and we are encouraging wine enthusiasts to tweet, blog, post and share their love of Port wines and the region by using the #PortDay hashtag.

Additionally, we encourage retail stores, bars, restaurants, culinary schools and others in the wine world to host Port-specific events on that day. There will be a number of events taking place throughout the day and …
Roy wrote:
FOR THE LOVE OF PORT wants to lend its support in making the Center for Wine Origins's, #PortDay a memorable one in support of the efforts to protect the name of Port, something that is meaningful to all of us Port enthusiasts reading this right now in over 70 countries, on five continents. Read about the FTLOP event and contest that follows the text from the Center for Wine Origins:
We want to make #PortDay a memorable day in your area too. We urge you to get creative and think beyond the regular wine world! For instance, the Center recently conducted an online analysis and discovered that Port wines were widely discussed among cigar blogs. Thus, it might be worthwhile for you to reach out to cigar lounges/bars in your area to encourage them to do a Port Day special and tasting. Here are some other Port Day-related activities to consider:
  • Distribute an email to your friends about #PortDay and encourage them to host events at their local wine store/bar/restaurant etc.
  • Send a bottle(s) of Port wine to a wine journalist in your area with a note about #PortDay and encouraging him or her to do a write up on the region;
  • Work with local food and wine bloggers to have them attend and tweet, blog and Facebook about the events you are leading;
  • Partner with a local chocolatier and promote Port at their shop;
  • Reach out to organizations such as University Clubs to host a Port training seminar;
  • Partner with a wine bar, restaurant, retailer or culinary school to conduct a staff training or Port seminar;
  • Encourage the various food and wine establishments (restaurants, bars, retailers, etc.) in your area to spotlight authentic Port selections with exclusive Port Day specials.
Port Day will be tremendously successful if we drum up the online chatter. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to promote this exceptional wine in your local area. And if you are on Twitter please make sure to use the #PortDay hashtag and tweet at us @wineorigins. We are here to help you, so if you have a Port Day event idea and need resources, please ask. We also have FREE Port brochures that you can order. You can view the brochures and mini booklets which make perfect bottle tags at: Order at any time by sending an email with quantities to

Roy wrote:
On our Forum, we’re currently discussing what can the Port Trade do to help promote Port and turn sales back into the black. Here was one of my own comments in the thread:
Re: How to turn around Port sales into the black again?
by Roy Hersh » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:46 pm
Yes, the IVDP can and should do far more to promote Port throughout the world.
Hopefully, we are creating our own group of Port Ambassadors right here. I mean, from Glenn to Andy to Jeff to Moses to Eric and so many others that I could name ... they are putting on tastings during the year for friends and converting people to be Port enthusiasts. Our friends in the UK and elsewhere do the same. This may be a small community, but it is a powerful one in which we influence the palates of our friends during tastings by getting them to try Port, preferably to enjoy Port which is far more important. Think grass roots movement and in reality, that's what we are all doing. Just think to yourself how many people you've personally converted to Port, this year alone. Yes, very powerful indeed.


As you’ve read above, YES, we are all ambassadors for Port Wine. In support of the Port trade and to support the efforts of the Center for Wine Origins, it is time for YOU to organize a #PortDay event in your area … within your circle of influence. Let me tell you what Glenn and I and our wives are doing here in Sammamish, Washington on January 27th and you can copy our idea or come up with your own. We are organizing a “Pot Luck & Port” tasting event in a local hotel. Like a “cocktail” Port party with food. People just need to bring one nice bottle of Port and a food dish to share with friends and new people that will be welcome to join us. We’re still deciding on the specific Port theme and considering either LBV, Vintage Port, Tawny Port or just leaving it wide open.
The point is to attract as many new people to Port as we can, using social media, emails and by any means necessary. If all of you were willing to make a serious effort to hold a similar event or a Port event of any kind on #PortDay … in a restaurant, club, hotel, private home or wherever, think of the impact that #PortDay 2012 could have? How many new individuals do you think will learn about Port from “the ambassadors” organizing an event here?
Our mission in this country and elsewhere is to spread your enthusiasm for Port wine on the upcoming #PortDay and in doing so, we will help support both the Port trade and the Center for Wine Origins’ initiatives.

Organize an event however you would like to do so. Then as you’ve read above you can order materials on Port that can be given out to new people you meet at your event (I realize that offer is only good in the USA from the Center for Wine Origins). The goal is to bring as many people together to drink Port wine as possible (responsibly). If they are all friends, great. If you are able to figure out a way to use social media and other means to attract new individuals (SAFELY) to your event, then go for it!
In order to qualify for one of the two prizes (offered to winning Port ambassadors anywhere in the world) your event MUST take place on January 27th and must be in promotion of the Center's #PortDay. The individual behind organizing a #PortDay event that attracts the largest number of attendees will win the 2nd Place Prize. The individual organizing and holding the most unique Port related theme for their hosted event, will win The Grand Prize.

Before we get into the rules for FTLOP’s contest, here is what you can win:

The Grand Prize – is an all expense paid week long vacation for one person to join us on FTLOP’s April 2012 Port Explorer’s Tour to Portugal.  Airfare is not included, but you’ll find out exactly what is, here:
The 2nd Place Prize – is your choice of either a MAGNUM of 1977 Gould Campbell Vintage Port, or a MAGNUM of 1994 Niepoort Vintage Port delivered to you, from my cellar.

  • You must be of legal drinking age (21 or over).
  • Your event is your own and FTLOP bears no responsibility for the actions of any guest or outcome at your party.
  • The winner of the Grand Prize, will host the most unique Port related theme. This is not necessarily the deepest vertical/horizontal or matrix tasting; although that can qualify too. Think out-of-the-box: decorations, seminars, costumes, cool venue, best use of social media to attract people, introducing special guests, your own contest, Port dance party, fashion the best Port cocktail … whatever floats your boat. Get creative!
  • The winner of the 2nd Place Prize will be able to document the quantity of people attending their #PortDay event. The organizer/host with the most attendees wins the prize.
  • Documentation for the Grand Prize will require making a 3-4 minute youtube video which clearly shows the number of people at your #PortDay event, plus clearly depicts the uniqueness of theme in images and words. You may also write an addendum or photos and submit them in addition to your video.
  • Documentation for the 2nd Place Prize will also require a 3-4 minute youtube video in which it clearly shows the quantity of guests and them participating at your hosted #PortDay event. It must be an event that you have organized (i.e. it cannot be corraling a crowd inside a club or all guests at an unrelated party); it must be an actual event organized in advance to promote #PortDay.
  • All video and accompanying documentation is to be submitted by email/attachments to no later than Sunday, February 5th 2012. Judges will include Roy and Dorene Hersh, Stewart Todd, David Spriggs & Andy Velebil. Prize winners will be notified by email, no later than February 13th 2012. Winning video content must be granted permission to be utilized on FTLOP either by including a link to the youtube video in FTLOP’s video gallery and/or a link in a future newsletter.
Good luck to all and thank you for your support of #PortDay the creation of the Center for Wine Origins  on January 27th!

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