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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"I'm a #winelover" on a t-shirt... what do you think?

My dear #winelover,

I've talked with a few #winelover(s) about making a t-shirt that says: "I'm a #winelover".
  • What do you think? 
  • Is it cool? or... lame?
  • Why the hashtag (#)? You're not on twitter, are you?
  • Would you have a suggestion for the design?
  • Black? White? Something else?
  • Saying on the back or on the front?
And... very important!
  • Would you buy it?
I would love to hear your ideas/suggestions... and the usual "Ayes and Nays"


PS: We're running out of the "Small People Talk About Things, Average People Talk About Ideas, And Great People Talk About Wine.", but we still have one for you in case you're interested: 
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Anonymous said...

Just do it!

Luiz Alberto said...

Sharon Parsons said on FB: ‎Luiz A. G. Alberto you must have some wonderful photos -- select some and have us vote!!

I think I'm going to do that... :)

Carl said...

I like the original..witty and right on..something to wear and be proud of..

Sharon said...

I like the discussion!! CHEERS!! said...

How about "We FOLLOW Luiz Alberto on Twitter"

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for one .....I would wear it.

BobZaguy said...

Lose the "I'm a" and leave the "#winelover".

Using the "I'm a" gives me the idea that you don't understand Twitter. That you are just trying to fit in.
Using "#winelover" speaks in the language of twitter.
The point of the "#" is to create an easily recognized group of tweets efficiently.
I'm not a big twitter tweeter, but the people I know who are tweeters in the wine biz would feel more legitimately part of the group wearing the "#winelover" shirt. Marketing 101.
And then they would buy the shirt more quickly. And possibly retweet it around to their fellow winos.

Anonymous said...

All you're Ts are great. However, they are the wrong size. The little mini-ts made for a wine bottle are far more unique, fun and collectable and make for a memorable gift. They could advertise the winehub or relate your sayings to specific wine producers and to VARITALS:) Think of it tank tops for those heavy reds. They fit in an envelop and would be less expensive to send worldwide. I can supply a picture. JD-Berlin

Daryl Gaitan said...

I agree with going just with #winelover. It actually expresses more than if you include the "I'm a".

I would wear it.

Luiz Alberto said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. Much appreciated!

I agree with you guys (BobZaguy and Daryl Gaitan): the "I'm a" is out.

What else? Should we include a picture? Color(s)? Design?

Thanks again!


Luiz Alberto said...

Guys, what about a personalized t-shirt with the user's twitter handle?