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Friday, January 6, 2012

Authentic Wine - Question of the Day 01/06/2012

A couple of days ago I posted the article about  Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop MW's book "Authentic Wine"

This is such a fascinating topic to me that I decided to start asking questions to grab as many opinions as I can. I'll try to post daily... but let's see how it goes...
Here is my question for today: 

In so many cases we hear people talking about a barnyard character in the wine as being part of the terroir... When, for me, it is totally the opposite: That wine doesn't show terroir. It is faulty. 
The question: Isn't Brettanomyces a huge inhibitor of site expression (terroir)? 
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bill wertzberger said...

Not if the site where the wine was made is a moldy old cellar.

Harry said...

I, for one, think so, indeed. Brett has often been described as an enhancement. While, in my personal opinion, it is merely a way to fit wines into global fashion and public taste. Nothing to do with the notion of terroir, I would say: that is all about purity. A Brett-wine can, of course be very distinctive and in that respect confirm it's origin in a curious way. But let's not call that authenticity.

Blake Brown said...

Yes. Brett is a flaw and a flawed wine is not representative of its true nature. I do not drink any wine with this characteristic, think older Beaucastels, just as I do not drink oxidized wines, VA tainted or TCA corked wines.
On this note, I am very often surprised to hear others voice there approval of such and so it remains, the wine experience is what it is for each and everyone of us.

Goblets and More said...

In this commercialized world we live in, I do beleave in such a thing as fake wine . I make my own and also sample some of the local wineries on a frequnt basis, they are unique. But the wine from the drugstore is very plain and over proccesed as it always tastes the same even if it rests in my wine cellar for a year or more and eventualy loses flavor all together.